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Why do the Japanese place water bottles near their houses: the answer will surprise many

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This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

The practice of placing water bottles on the streets of Japan has become widespread, with many residents of the country choosing to place them near their homes. This phenomenon arouses interest and questions among observers who wonder: «Why do the Japanese place water bottles on the street?»

Based on practice, it becomes clear that placing water bottles on outdoors is one of the effective methods of protecting houses from insects, especially from annoying mosquitoes. Placing water bottles near your home has become a popular insect repellent. Attracting insects with its shine and moisture, the water becomes a trap for insects flying towards it, which, once inside, have difficulty making a choice.

Once the insects get inside the bottle, it becomes difficult for them to get out due to the slippery surface inside her throat. This simple but effective method turns water bottles into an effective insect repellent, creating an impenetrable barrier for mosquitoes and other unpleasant guests.

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