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Why the protection did not work at the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant: Nayem identified the main problem

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Previously, the head of «Ukrenergo» Vladimir Kudritsky said that Ukrainian energy system facilities have three levels of protection. This is protection from a blast wave, protection from a direct hit by «martyrs» and comprehensive protection against «martyrs» and missiles.

Mustafa Nayem reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Chairman of the State Agency for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development Mustafa Nayem said that the reason for the complete destruction of the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant as a result of shelling by the Russian occupiers is the underfunding of the construction of third-level protective structures.

He noted that this threatens the stability of Ukraine's entire energy system and the possibility of a disaster in the event of further attacks.

«Russian attacks on energy infrastructure may continue. We all need to survive and persevere. And time is short. Solutions must be quick and effective», — he stated.

It is worth noting that the loss of the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant gave rise to serious discussions regarding the degree of protection of Ukraine’s energy facilities from possible enemy attacks. Following the loss of the power plant, questions have arisen about the effectiveness of measures to protect the country's energy infrastructure.

Nayem has now said that the Restoration Agency, which is responsible for protecting distribution substations, has only limited attention to this problem, and is working to protect others objects were financially supported at an inappropriate level.

«The Restoration Agency protects only part of the energy distribution network facilities, but not all. We are working to protect 22 distribution substations of «Ukrenergo» second and third levels of protection», — he noted.

At the same time, Mustafa Nayem added that, despite this, attempts to ensure the protection of the energy infrastructure continue, in particular, protective structures are being built for distribution substations of the second and third levels of protection. The design documentation and structures were agreed upon with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service and «Ukrenergo».

Nayem separately noted that during the last shelling of some objects there were hits, but the installed protective structures demonstrated their efficiency while maintaining equipment integrity. However, he emphasized that it is the underfunding of the construction of third-level protective structures that leaves the energy system vulnerable to possible attacks by Russian terrorists.

Recall that it was previously reported whether Ukraine would attack Russian refineries after criticism from the United States: Zelensky responded.

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