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Why Vitaly Belonozhko has not appeared on stage in recent years: Zibrovy admitted why this happened

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Obozrevatel reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Pavel and Marina Zibrovy, close to the artist, admitted why Vitaly Belonozhko has rarely appeared on stage lately. According to the singer, the artist lived in his luxurious house located near Kiev, with incredible views, his own pond, home to many species of birds, and a wonderful garden.

“You see, every person makes his own choice. A beautiful house, a garden, birds – and he felt comfortable. And even this damn Covid! Pavel almost died from this. Where did he catch it? At a concert. So Vitalik could be understood – he I didn’t want to put myself in danger. And when Covid ended, so did the war. What performances? Where to go? But in show business now everything is different,” said Zibrov’s wife.

She added that the full-scale Russian invasion likely had a significant impact on Whitelegs. In addition, according to her, like many people his age, Vitaly struggled with chronic diseases.

“I think he suffered greatly from this war. Like everyone at his age, he had chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, such short life. The legend has passed away,” Zibrova summed up.

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