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Why wipe kitchen knives with lemon: experts explain the benefits of it

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This information was reported by Aktualno, reports URA-Inform.  

It's about how to overcome the discomfort of cutting onions that quietly appears every time you pick it up. It turns out that if you rub the blade of a knife with lemon on all sides, you will forget about tears when cutting onions on the board.

However, lemon can help with more than just that. If chopping onions or garlic leaves an unpleasant odor on your hands, use lemon juice. Rub your palms with lemon, then rinse your hands with clean water and the smell will be gone.

However, if there is damage to the skin, it is better not to resort to this method: lemon juice, getting into an open wound, will sting strongly.< /p>

However, this does not prevent you from using lemon juice when you need to get rid of the smell not from your own hands, but from wooden cutting boards, which tend to absorb foreign odors.

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