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Will Estonia extradite Ukrainians liable for military service: the Foreign Minister has his say

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Läänemets reported this information on his Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to international law, Estonia does not have the right to transfer men liable for military service to Ukraine without a corresponding government decision.

The minister emphasized that his previous statements about his readiness to transfer to Ukraine its citizens liable for military service living in territory of Estonia were incorrectly interpreted.

He noted that he, as the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Estonian state have no goal of sending Ukrainian men of mobilization age living in Estonia to the front.

However, Läänemets added that if Ukraine turned to Estonia with a request for assistance in mobilizing its citizens located in the country, it would be difficult to refuse such a request. He emphasized that refusal would also mean a withdrawal from Ukraine, which is in a state of war.

The Minister noted that at the moment there is no possibility of transferring men liable for military service to Ukraine in accordance with international law. This requires a separate agreement between the countries and, at a minimum, a decision at the government level.

Läänemets emphasized that it is important to give a clear signal to Ukrainians living in Estonia: the country does not intend to expel them and will not work to send refugees to front.

Recall that Tymoshenko said who needs to be mobilized instead of students and disabled people: professionals should serve.

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