• 25/07/2024 12:17

Will Poland deport Ukrainians liable for military service: the authorities gave a detailed answer

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Pavel Kowal, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm, stated this in an interview with Sestry, reports “ URA-Inform.”

He emphasized the illegality of the deportation of Ukrainians called up for military service in their country. However, the state is considering the possibility of creating conditions that would facilitate the voluntary departure of young men back to Ukraine.

Koval expressed the opinion that it is necessary to introduce mechanisms that, when obtaining work permits or extending the period of stay, will take into account the possibility of mobilization in Ukraine .

If the answer is positive, Ukrainians may be denied employment, extension of temporary status and payment of benefits. Thus, people without work, with limited financial resources and in an illegal situation will most likely decide to leave the country.

However, the politician did not specify what obstacles such people might face when trying to leave, for example, to the Czech Republic or Germany.

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