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Will the Russian Federation be able to capture Kharkov: a military observer said what are the Kremlin’s chances

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Messages disseminated by the Kremlin through local and international media are full of threats about alleged plans to attack Kharkov, but despite this , at present the Russian Federation will not be able to implement such plans due to the lack of necessary resources.

Ukrainian military analyst Alexander Kovalenko emphasizes this fact in his blog, reports URA-Inform.

In his opinion, reports about Russia’s plans are aimed at intimidation and psychological pressure on Ukraine and the world community, since in practice the capture of such a large city as Kharkov remains an impossible task for Russia.

Kovalenko emphasizes that the threat to Kharkov remains relevant only in the context of the ongoing war, but it is necessary to assess the situation objectively, without giving in to panic. He recalls that to capture even such a small settlement as Avdeevka, Russia needed a huge military group, accompanied by serious losses. The capture process was lengthy and costly.

Similarly, to carry out an offensive on Kharkov it is necessary to deploy enormous forces. Kovalenko estimates that to launch the attack and subsequent urban battles will require significantly more troops than to capture Avdeevka.

According to his estimates, Russia will need at least half a million military personnel, provided with equipment, as well as a reserve of several hundred thousand people . He assures that at present Russia does not have such resources to quickly and quietly deploy such a powerful military group.

Thus, a real threat to Kharkov can only arise if Russia massively deploys a strike force under city. At the moment she does not have such opportunities. Kovalenko urges to treat information carefully and evaluate it critically, avoiding panic.

Recall that Gumenyuk warned Kiev residents about the danger: the Russian Federation may continue targeted missile terror.

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