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Will Ukraine have enough money for pensions and subsidies in 2024: Shmygal’s answer

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Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said whether Ukraine will be able to pay pensions and subsidies until the end of this year.

< p>This information was reported by Hvylya, reports URA-Inform.

He emphasized that our state will have enough budget funds for social payments in 2024 thanks to new US assistance. This primarily concerns pensions and subsidies.

According to Shmygal, the new funding package from the United States provides for $7.5 billion in direct budget assistance.

«This is the piece of the «budget puzzle» that we were missing to close the budget deficit before end of this year. In fact, we are absolutely sure that this year and next year we will finance all social payments, all pensions, all subsidies,” the official said.

He emphasized that all obligations, which the state must fulfill will be fulfilled in a timely manner and in full.

&# 171;Actually, American assistance gives us confidence in fulfilling these obligations 100%», — added the head of the Ukrainian government.

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