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You can get rid of early gray hair without hair dye: an expert talks about a simple method

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Medicalanswers reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

The trichologist  noted that it makes no sense to fight gray hair by pulling out individual hairs.

“If If the graying process has begun, it will be gradual or quite aggressive in stressful situations. Stress affects vasospasm, which disrupts blood circulation and cells stop functioning properly, — the expert noted.

The doctor said that there are means that can stop the graying process or at least slow it down, but they only work in certain cases.

According to the specialist, against the background of a lack of iron in the body, the amount of copper decreases, which contributes to the work of cells to produce pigments. Hair graying can be prevented by using hair growth lotions that contain copper.

“When people start using them, there is a side effect that that the process of graying is reduced,” — the doctor said.

She emphasized that this scientific  this method will only help if the cause of graying is a lack of copper in the body.

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