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Zelensky began discussing the “peace formula”: the president said who he had recently met

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Zelensky announced this information on his Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that the country’s leader met with Pope Francis, as stated in the official statement. During the conversation, Zelensky expressed gratitude to the Pope for his Merry Christmas greetings, as well as for his wishes for achieving a just world for Ukraine and its citizens.

The President shared that during the conversation aspects of joint work according to the formula were discussed world». He noted that more than 80 states are already taking part in this process at the level of their representatives, and emphasized his gratitude to the Vatican for supporting Ukraine’s efforts.

It is known that on April 10, Pope Francis announced the inclusion of the Vatican in peacekeeping mission to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

This statement followed the Pope's visit to Budapest, where he met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Metropolitan Hilarion, representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Budapest.

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