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Zelensky made a special proposal to Poland regarding Ukraine: details

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This information was reported by the Office of the President, reports URA-Inform.

Zelensky reported to his Polish counterpart about the recent massive missile attacks by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, which led to the death of civilians and the destruction of civilian objects.

He emphasized the importance of strengthening the Ukrainian air defense system to ensure a reliable air shield.< /p>

The question of Poland’s possible accession to the Joint Declaration of the Leaders of the «Group of Seven» to ensure the security of Ukraine. Zelensky expressed this initiative, emphasizing the need for solidarity and support among the countries of the region.

Having discussed the upcoming NATO summit in Washington and the expected decisions of the Alliance, the heads of state emphasized the importance of interaction between Ukraine and Poland in the context of European security. They expressed their conviction that cooperation between Ukraine and Poland plays an important role in the formation of a common European home.

«I am convinced that the future of Ukraine and Poland lies in their unity, mutual support and mutually beneficial cooperation», — Zelensky emphasized at the end of the conversation.

Recall that one of the ten main world risks in 2024 concerns Ukraine: The Time announced a probable forecast.

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