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Zelensky named three conditions under which the war can end: a just peace is needed

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke about what is necessary to end the war with a just peace.

About this information CBS News reported, URA-Inform reports.

According to him, the Ukrainian military needs long-range missiles, artillery and air defense systems. Otherwise, nothing will end until Ukraine becomes strong.

«How long will the war last? In this situation, until Ukraine becomes strong. Ukraine is not yet as strong as it could be. We need to be given the opportunity to act on the battlefield», — he emphasized.

Zelensky clarified that for this, Ukraine needs, firstly, Patriot systems, which can be provided by the United States, — they will help unlock the sky. Secondly, our country needs parity in artillery after the Ukrainian defenders move forward. And the third condition is long-range missiles.

«If Russia knows that a drone can fly on its head, it shoots less. If she knows that in Ukraine there are missiles as long-range as their X or Daggers, then they will shoot less at both people and energy, because Putin will be afraid for the fact that people they will take him out of the Kremlin», — added the Ukrainian president.

Recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine is discussing options for ending the war with Russia, – Scholz.

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