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To be against the Russian Federation. Britain sees 300 million pounds spent on nuclear weapons production

Great Britain plans to invest £300 million on a new nuclear weapons production program to become prominent in Russia zі light energy market.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its application to Great Britain.

“Britain gave the world the first nuclear power plant, and now we will be the first power Another in Europe “beyond the borders of Russia, because of the current nuclear fire,” said Energy Minister Claire Coutinho.

The British government confirms that new investment will help support the domestic production of high-grade low-enriched uranium (HALEU), a type of fire that is now being produced on an industrial scale outside of Russia.

“Launch the HALEU program allow Great Britain to supply the world with special nuclear fuel and further isolate Putin’s Russia,” according to a statement from the country’s Department of Energy Security.

The first distillery plant is planned to be launched in the early 2030s rocks on the daytime sunset of England.

The country is expected to play a central role in revitalizing nuclear power, its long-term energy strategy, and the development of small modular reactors (SMRs). Such reactors are supposed to be lighter and cheaper from manufacturers.

Sanctions against the nuclear sphere of the Russian Federation

Varto respect that Rosatom is one of the main leaders of the nuclear fire for the countries of Europe, without the helplessness of nuclear power plants.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is still on By the beginning of 2023, the European Union has called on the European Union to remove sanctions against the Russian nuclear waste.

However, according to ZMI, the European Union is likely to increase the purchase of nuclear fuel from Russia in 2023 aligned with pre-war displays. Data from the Euratom Agency informs about those who continue to import Russian nuclear fuel: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ugorsk and Slovakia.

US Congress, 14 June, supporting a bill to ban the purchase of nuclear fuel in Russia ї.

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