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A blow to the TV show in Kharkov and the visit of the US Congress delegation to Ukraine: news for 22nd quarter

Uchora, April 22, 2024, the Russians hit a TV with a missile in Kharkov. And a delegation from the US Congress arrived in Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine collected the most important news for the 22nd quarter.

Russia's war against Ukraine: the remaining news

Attack on a TV station near Kharkov: police showed photos of the raids

Russian occupiers yesterday, 22nd quarter, hit a TV station with a missile and at Kharkov's. Photos of the remains appeared.

As the police had guessed, the invaders hit Kharkov, as a result of which the television infrastructure was damaged. A surveillance team, criminal investigators and vibration technicians are already on the scene.

“The police are inspecting the place, testing witnesses, documenting and obtaining verbal evidence of the evil of the military services of the Russian army,” the law enforcement agency added. Find photos of the remains of the Russian terrorist attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently confirmed that the Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv television.

Information about the shelling was conveyed to US President Joe Biden during a telephone conversation.

Zelensky discussed with congressmen US consumption from animals after an important vote

Yesterday, a bipartisan delegation to the Congress of the United States of America (USA) arrived in Kiev on a visit. Among the congressmen who arrived on a visit to Kiev:

Later it became known that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met with the bipartisan delegation to the US Congress. The parties, together, discussed the needs of the Ukrainian military in the field.

The President thanked the American congressmen for their visit after a critically important decision for Ukraine – the House of Representatives supported the vision of new funds to help the Ukrainian military.

Vin rospov, that in the hour we have urgently discussed macro-financial support and military assistance with American legislators. Unfortunately, Ukraine's food supply was destroyed by:

Bradley, M113 and more. The Pentagon is preparing a package of military aid for Ukraine, – Politico

The United States of America is preparing a package of military aid for Ukraine. As reported by Politico, two American officials said that the Biden administration is preparing a larger package of military assistance to Ukraine. This package includes armored vehicles in addition to the ultimately necessary artillery systems and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

“The US Department of Defense is still putting the finishing touches on a potential new tranche, but they want it to be ready soon after President Joe Biden signs a bill to provide tens of billions of dollars in additional aid to Kiev,” they said officials, as they said, were told to lose anonymous.

According to Politico, the package that the Pentagon is currently working on will be significantly larger, with the remaining tranche amounting to 300 million dollars. Of course, there will be armored vehicles, Bradley Fighting Vehicles. According to one American official, it appears that the package will also include old Hummers and M113 armored personnel carriers, as well as missiles.

According to another official, the assistance package will include artillery and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

According to another official, the assistance package will include artillery and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

Kuleba: Ukraine is discussing with its allies the supply of four more Patriot batteries

Ukraine is working on getting some more additional Patriot batteries from its allies.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba emphasized that any specifics regarding the transfer of PPO systems, called Patriot, will be better known if consistent decisions are made. This is what happened to Nimechchina when she announced the transfer of her Patriot battery.

“The job of the ministers is to prepare a solution. And now at the birth, I said three years ago, but today I had no remaining power and I understand that we have specific batteries on our radar, as we are talking about Patriot. Negotiations are ongoing between us and others countries and the United States,” the head of the Ministry of Health said.

Kuleba said that there is a pressing need to speed up the praise of current decisions.

“Such decisions will be made, I have no doubt. “This is a positive result for Ukraine,” added the minister.

Biden gave two important remarks to Rosmov and Zelensky: what should Ukraine expect

President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday, 22nd quarter, tested Rosmov with his American colleague Joe Biden. They discussed the supply of armor that would be required by the ZSU.

Biden chanted Zelensky that he would definitely sign the law on aid to Ukraine, once praised by the US Senate. Zelensky praised Biden for his unremitting support for Ukraine and for its strong global leadership.

The presidents discussed the first package of defense assistance that the United States will transfer to Ukraine after the approval of the law. Biden began singing that he will be quick and strong and will strengthen our anti-tank, long-range and artillery capabilities.

They also discussed the signing of a bilateral agreement and preparations before the upcoming World Summit.

Borrel hopes that the first supplies of shells to Ukraine will begin with the initiative of the Czech Republic

The first supplies of artillery shells In Ukraine, as part of this initiative, there will be, for example, grass and cob Chernya.

“It is not our fault to forget about the defective ammunition of the 55 caliber and many countries have come to the conclusion of any initiative to search for ammunition,” said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

In his words, the first delivery will be like grass or on the cob of worms.

The barrel clarified that the supply of food to Ukraine more than PPO systems and artillery shells of 155 mm caliber is deprived of the most important thing for EU representatives method.

Budanov: Ukraine The situation is becoming increasingly important in the near future, lest there be “Armageddon” in Ukraine, from the middle of the grass – the beginning of the worm, the situation is becoming increasingly important. However, it will not be catastrophic.

“We are expecting an important situation, in our assessment, in the near future. But it is not catastrophic, but we still need to understand. Armageddon will not happen, as many people are beginning to say. But there will be problems from the middle of the grass,” he said. ivnik GUR Kirilo Budanov.

According to the interviewer, Budanov explained that we are talking about “everything”, and not just about the front and the internal political situation. According to the words of the GUR chief, the goal is to reach a comprehensive approach to Ukraine, but the details of this nutrition are not revealed.

“This is a complex approach, so that the Russians will choose a complex approach. They will carry out a complex operation. We will not talk about this with you for long, but there will be an important period. The middle of the grass, the ear of the worm,” explained Budanov.

ES and NATO are pushing for Greece and Spain to give Ukraine PPO systems, – FT

Greece and Spain are under strong pressure from their EU and NATO allies to give Ukraine more systems anti-aircraft defense.

This month, Ukraine turned to its distant allies with heavy complaints about the supply of seven additional missile defense systems, such as the American Patriot and Radyansky S-300, as Russia continues to launch a missile campaign against the city. genetic infrastructure of the region.

Infections only Germany announced the installation of one Patriot system. Other EU leaders fought with Brussels last year to especially call on Prime Ministers of Spain and Greece Pedro Sanchez and Kyriakos Mitsotakis to transfer part of their systems to Ukraine .

The leaders of the two countries, whose armored forces have more than a dozen Patriot systems in their possession, as well as other systems, such as the S-300, were told that their needs are not as great as in Ukraine, and the stench does not stick to the middle threat.

“We all know who has the stink, we all know where the stink is removed, and we all know who really needs it,” said one of the spivs.

< p>There is less pressure behind the words of official people on Poland and Romania, which also have Patriot, so that they look at the food supply to Kiev, looking at their greater spill in the border with Ukraine.

chill the press center of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, deputy Gumenyuk

Dmytro Pletenchuk will soon become the new head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, deputy of Natalia Gumenyuk

“With which I will also lose the Navy,” he said I see you.

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