• 14/07/2024 12:49

A man from Germany was vaccinated against floods 217 times

No side effects have been recorded, but doctors do not advise following this example.

A husband from Germany was vaccinated against COVID-19 217 times

62-year-old German citizen that he was vaccinated against Covid-19 217 times.

According to the BBC, the man bought vaccines and administered injections privately. It took him 2 years and 4 months to administer 217 doses.

The University of Erlagen-Nuremberg decided to investigate how such hyper-vaccination affected the patient’s health. It turned out that the man did not feel any negative side effects. Several blood tests were taken from him so that immunologists could carefully study the indicators.

Although the man’s health was not affected, doctors do not advise resorting to extreme vaccination. In order to reliably protect yourself from the virus, three doses are enough.

  • In Ukraine, cases of a new variant of the coronavirus “Jenny” were recorded in January.
  • WHO expressed concern about the “incredibly low” pace of vaccinations against flu and coronavirus.
  • < li>Previously, the organization also called for the reintroduction of quarantine and the wearing of masks.

  • Flood vaccines worth 4 billion euros were unnecessary in the EU.


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