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A massive blow to Ukraine and a strike in a shopping center near Moscow: news for 22 February

Uchora, 22 February 2024, Russia ordered an attack on Ukraine for additional missiles and drones iv. And in the shopping center near Moscow there was a war.

RBC-Ukraine collected the main news for 22 February.

Russia's war against Ukraine: the remaining news

  • Partisans in Mariupol recorded the transfer of Ukrainian Iplen RF towards Berdyansk (photo).
  • Pavlyuk about the new advance of the Russian Federation: it is too early to start reforms.
  • A prisoner from the Zhytomyr region was sent to prison, having given information about defense factories.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs showed the first signs after the missile attack on Khmelnitsky (video).
  • The Ministry of Defense is developing a special unit for sappers: what is their speciality.

Massive attack on Ukraine

On the 22nd of February, Russian terrorism launched a combined missile and air strike against Ukraine. The enemy stagnated after 151 attacks.

Prior to the attack, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire groups were obtained. Zagal was able to destroy 92 air targets, and himself:

  • 55 “Shaheds”;
  • 35 missiles X-101/X-555;
  • 2 x Kh-59 aircraft missiles.

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russian terrorism is less powerful because Ukraine does not have enough current anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-aircraft defense systems.

More details about the massive combined attack of Russia against Ukraine and its successors You can read the information – in the materials of RBC-Ukraine .

Strilyanina in a shopping center near Moscow

Yesterday, the 22nd, unknown people escaped to the shopping center “Crocus City Hall”, which is located near Moscow, and began to shoot the police.

It was around the time of the concert of the “Piknik” group near the shopping center. Their soloists supported the Russian occupiers.

About the remaining unofficial data, we know about dozens of dead and more than a hundred injured. After the shooting, a burning fire began in the shopping center, and a number of vibukhs were shed.

White House adviser for communications in the national security sector John Kirby stated that the advance warning of the Embassy of the United States of America about the threat of terrorist attacks in Russia is not connected with the shooting at the Crocus City Hall shopping center near Moscow.

< p>More details You can find out about the incident in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to raise excise taxes on gasoline and alcohol

In Ukraine they plan to raise excise taxes on alcohol and gasoline. The plan will be followed by 1 line.

At the meeting, the draft law “On introducing changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine to bring the legislation of Ukraine closer to the legislation of the European Union in terms of excise taxes” was praised.

< p>It is stated that the draft law directs the legislation of Ukraine to the norms of EU legislation in part by bringing excise tax rates closer to the minimum level established in the EU.

Eurorada does not know at all pseudo-elections of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories of Ukraine: resolution

European Rada decisively condemned Russia's holding of illegal pseudo-elections in the urgently occupied territories of Ukraine. The results of such fake “votes” will never be recognized by the leaders of the European Union.

In the document published yesterday, 22 February, the document was presented by the Euroradia, praised at the double summit in Brussels, regarding the current situation in Ukraine and the troubling Russian aggression.

At the resolution ї point No. 8 stands for the positions of the EU due to the fakes organized by the Kremlin ” elections” in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Someone also has information about the kidnapping of children that Russian prison guards practice.

“The European Rada strongly condemns Russia’s continuous violation of human rights in the occupied Ukrainian territories, including the deportation of children. It firmly denounces and does not recognize any illegality in the so-called “election”,” organ Called by Russia to quickly occupy Ukrainian territories near Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk , Lugansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, any results,” the document states.

Britain announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine: includes drones and air defense systems

Britain will give Ukraine a new package of military assistance worth 60 million pounds sterling (over 75 million dollars), until drones and anti-aircraft defense are gone.

The Ministry of Defense has voted that the package will be given to the International Fund for Ukraine, which is supported by Britain .

Following information from the Ministry of Defence, the package will include daily reconnaissance drones to support Ukraine's armored forces.

Also 20 million pounds (over 25 million dollars) will be transferred to supply prototype systems military defense for security of the Ukrainian sky.

The Russian Federation can begin an offensive influx, creating a new grouping of over 100 thousand soldiers, – Pavlyuk

Russia is creating a new grouping of over 100 thousand soldiers. It is not possible that the occupier will try to make a new offensive on one of the directions.

“Russian plans are not known to us until the end. Only the data that they are creating a grouping of over 100 thousand is visible. Neobov'yazkovo, what is it when it comes, it’s possible that they will revive their spirits as they lose their military service,” said Oleksandr Pavlyuk, commander of the Ground Forces ZSU.

In my words, it is likely that at the beginning of summer, Russians will be able to carry out significant offensive operations on one direct line.

“There are still very dire forecasts that such an offensive will happen. I think, “We are working on everything in order to minimize the cost to the enemy as much as possible, so that all of their resources, which they form, will be obtained before this hour in the battle. We are also preparing for a different development of the situation,” the commander added.

The SBU was pursuing a collaborator who wanted to give the ZSU tank positions near Kup'yansk

Law Enforcement was pursuing a person who was planning to give the Russians a ZSU tank position in the Kup'yansk Kharkov region. Now I am in danger of being involved.

We are talking about a 45-year-old resident of the Kharkov suburb, who, at the onset of a large-scale invasion of Russia, moved to the Poltava region, and, following the government’s initiative, was trying to leave to the Russian intelligence services.

< p>For whom did the person publish on pro-Kremlin Telegram channels various messages praising the dictator Volodymyr Putin and the heroes of the Russian army.

In one of these chats, you were told about the secret spiel and hope sent a stream of intelligence missions.

< p>The zone of special respect for the defendant had routes for the flow of battle tanks of the Ukrainian military and their oriental strength. At the same time, the criminal wants to identify logistics centers that carry out maintenance and repair of important armored vehicles.

France and Germany allowed the manufacturer of tanks KNDS to create a file in Ukraine

Paris and Berlin have reached the opportunity to give the opportunity to the French-German company KNDS, which produces, zokrema, tanks, create a file I'm in Ukraine.

“We “We are unanimous that the French-German company is still active in Ukraine, having created a branch there,” said French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu.

Following his words, the company may start producing spare parts n and training to the local staff.

All missiles were recovered from DniproGES, – Office of the Prosecutor General

At the Dnieper hydroelectric station, during the hour of the attack, 22 Bereznya received all Russian missiles. The station has been installed in good order, but there is no threat to the abyss.

“There has been a massive attack on energy infrastructure facilities in the rest of the river, that's for sure. We can say that together with today's attack, the Russians have repeatedly attacked 136 objects energy structures in Ukraine, starting with a large-scale invasion,” Yuriy Belousov told the Department of Prevention of Evil Conflict to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

A representative of the Office of the Prosecutor General said that the station was withdrawn from okay, after the attack of the Russian occupiers, the GES was killed all missiles.

“Zaporizhzhya was under a massive attack. People were brought into the GES itself at all times, and all the missiles were destroyed at this important object for Ukraine, which is not only an energy storage facility, but also other functions” , – Belousov stated.

He added that there is no threat to the Dnieper Hydroelectric Dam leak.

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