• 21/07/2024 10:13

A rally in support of Ukraine was held in Slovakia

Thousands of people expressed dissatisfaction with the pro-Russian government policy on the streets of Bratislava.

A rally in support of Ukraine took place in Slovakia

Protest in Bratislava

In the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, the protest was supported on Tuesday. Thousands of protesters demanded that the government of Robert Fico stop its pro-Russian rhetoric and help our state fight Russian aggression. , Ukraine, the European Union and NATO. Participants chanted anti-government slogans and said into the microphone that the coalition’s actions “go beyond what is permitted.”

According to organizers’ estimates, about 5 thousand protesters took to the streets of the capital. Local media claim that this is not the first anti-government protest in recent times, but earlier such measures have been criticized more about corruption and abuse of power than about Fico's foreign policy.

  • Through a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and Sergei Lavrov, the country quarreled with the Czech Republic and stopped the practice of joint ministerial meetings.
  • Robert Fico said that he would block Ukraine’s accession to NATO.< /li> li>


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