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A UDA car was blown up near Odessa, two people were injured

Near the village of Gvardiyske in the Odessky district, a car of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army stopped mii (UDA), u whoever There were two people – a woman and a man. Incident to the Inscript of the stench was yielded to the wound.

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The police are installing the vehicle after a car crash, fire fighters, investigative teams of the State Police Investigation Department in the Odessa region and the territorial police department are working on the spot, Fakhіvtsy of the technical department of the regional police.

As noted by the law enforcement agencies, the traces were made to a single register of pre-trial investigations records for Part 2 of Art. 15 p.p. 1 ta 5 hours 2 tbsp. 115 of the Criminal Code.

“There is an attempt to kill two people in a way that is not safe for the lives of rich people. This crime is punishable by a penalty of ten to fifteen years or more. i”, – go to the police station.

A report was filed at the UDA

It was time for the UDA to regard the attack as a terrorist act, and they issued a statement of kindness, quietly calling out to those who might be aware of the mischief and information that the Vikonians were transferring tribute for the wine town amounting to 10 thousand dolars.

“Today’s evening at one of the military installations in the outskirts of Odessa, a car of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, in which our brothers and sisters Albert and Natalya Kruchinina were present, was destroyed. Directly for their lives doctors are fighting. The police are on the scene,” goes to reported.

I say that the command of the UDA “he considers the meaning of the mischief as a terrorist act, and the priority version is the activity of the enemy DRG.”

“We urge all possible eyewitnesses to the evil, as well as those who have any information about their lieutenants and Vikonavians, to contact the command of the UDA. Anonymity is guaranteed and to the city around the world 10 thousand US dollars for information that will help stop or liquidate the DRG,” – transferred to the UDA.

Russian DRG

As previously confirmed by the commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Naev, on the territory of the Russian enemy there is a grouping of 20 thousand people, as posts actively conduct reconnaissance and shelling of border areas. Zokrema is actively increasing its engineering and fortification capabilities.

According to the words of the Derzhprikordon service river officer Andriy Demchinka, the enemy is preventing saboteurs who are trying to enter our territory. The Sumy region is deprived of the most active direct route for the DRG. However, the occurrence of their attacks is also not detected in the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions.

It is also surprising that before this, the fierce SBU discovered three caches with Russian armor and violence for the DRG. One of them was received near Kiev.

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