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About the war that may come. Conference “Ukraine. Rik 2024”: main statements (online)

Today, February 25, the conference “Ukraine. yskovo-political kerivnitsa region. The broadcast will be dedicated to various aspects of Ukraine's future.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this when it has sent a request for broadcast.

Broadcast to the forum:

Sanctions against the Russian Federation

Ukraine is concentrating on securing the delivery of advanced technologies to the Russian Federation, and even without imported parts, the Russians will not be able to prepare the armor, said Vladislav Vlasyuk, a ceramics specialist at the OP.

“The Russian Federation has captured dozens of rocks in abundance Microelectronics from the coming light. We concentrate on that , so that the Russian Federation could not disturb its power. Russia without advanced technologies is practically unable to disturb the power of the devastation. This detriment will be less clear and to a lesser extent,” he said.

In view of the aviation space

Ukraine is discussing and working on the diversities of the aviation space. The risks of this decision are being assessed by the newly appointed Minister of Development of Communities, Territory and Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

“We are in consultation with American and European regulators regarding the safety of our to the limits of the aviation space. The folding process, but the first formal terms of Ukraine will work already “at once,” said Vin.

Budanov about operations in the Russian Federation

Kerivnik GUR Kirilo Budanov stated the need to change the regime in the Russian Federation, so that they cease to pose a threat to the world. Ukrainian intelligence is already working on this and can learn from various forces that are active in the Russian Federation.

“The more the Russian Federation wages war, the more all the forces will be active in it territories. How will we work? The continuation of these operations, which are taking place at the same time, will increase their pace. As long as the war continues in our country, there will be problems in the Russian Federation,” he said.

Return of civilian prisoners

Ombudsman Dmitro Lubinets stated the need to create an international coalition to return civilian guarantors from the Russian Federation. Qatar is already ready to join such a coalition.

“According to our unofficial data, approximately 28 thousand citizens of Ukraine are in Russian dungeons. Journalists, representatives of local self-government, churches, international representatives. Three official representatives of the OSCE. Civil Ministries We cannot do them on civilians, it is protected by international law.We are looking for new approaches. We are looking for countries that may be involved in the process of turning over civilian guarantors,” he said.

Yermak, having allowed the participation of the Russian Federation in the world itself

According to the words of the OP minister Andriy Yermak, after the first world itself, the participating countries are keen to develop a plan for the restoration of peace in Ukraine, and they can also request such a partner from another Russia.

“On the other hand, if this plan is created at once, without intermediaries, openly, with the participation of all these countries, in order to carry this path with us, there may be such a situation as we request the representatives of the Russian Federation, where they will present this plan .On “the one who at that time will represent the aggressor country wants to start a war and turn to a just peace,” he said.

Ukraine will receive up to 12 billion dollars in financial assistance from the United States

Throughout 2024, Ukraine Prime Minister Denis Shmigal will withdraw $11.8 billion in financial assistance from the United States.

“We have thoroughly reconsidered that the United States will not deprive Ukraine of itself from the point of view of both financial support and food, because it is combined into one package. This is due to the decision of the Congress after the double-digit break in their work “i,” said Vin.

Ukraine is aiming for a power rocket that can fly 700 km

Ukraine is aiming for a far-reaching threat to power generation, said Minister of Strategic Industry Oleksandr Kamishin. The Ukrainian missile hit the target 700 km away.

“The most important program for our country is the missile program. I’ll say no more about it than the president – we have our long-range armor that hit the target at 700 km,” he said.

Shmigal about his appointment in the Cabinet

Prime Minister Denis Shmigal was asked about the plans for the appointment of ministers to replace the government.

“We are working on the issue. Obviously, this will not happen,” the deputy head of the Cabinet said.

Vacancies for ministers of culture, sports and nutrition for veterans will soon become vacant.

Stefanchuk about spivpratsiyu with the US Congress

Speaker of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk was intrigued by the statement about the merger with the US Congress.

“In the near future, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you will be accepting a new example of the speaker's petition as much as possible nutrition of Ukraine in the US Congress,” – vin.

Half of the armor does not go to Ukraine immediately

Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov commented on the situation with the delay in military aid to Ukraine. In his words, half of the world will not be found forever.

“Since the situation is always dynamic, always changing, then 50% does not arrive immediately. Those who seem to not come on time, then we are wasting people and territories. There is a war if the allies are safe feel the time is right, we are working according to plan, “We are afraid of everything that is possible and impossible, but without timely supplies – this complicates our work,” said Vin.

The year of illegal production was not wasted in the EU from Ukraine

“I can say that every single unit of the armed forces today has not crossed Ukraine’s border with the EU in two years of full-scale war. This is a colossal work of our security forces,” said Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko.

The forces of unmanned systems

The defender of the head commander of the ZSU Vadim Sukharevsky stated that the newly created Forces of unmanned systems will become stronger fist on battlefield.

“This will be a strong fist, which will be the real problem on the battlefield, which will be a reliable shoulder of support for our combat brigades, which will be the element that will give us the ability to asymmetrically respond to the enemy’s actions and give us maximum costs,” he said. on the forum .

Kamishin announced the development of ground-based drones

Minister strategic industry Oleksandr Kamishin believes that Ukrainians will increasingly talk about ground-based robotic systems on the battlefield.

“Last year we saw drones on a large scale in the world, we saw them at sea. This river will be fate if we love them on land. Which fate we will have more of a little about ground-based robotic systems,” the minister told the strategic industry on the forum “Ukraine” . 2024.”

Umerov spoke about the plan for 2024

Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov, speaking at the forum, stated that Ukraine already has an action plan for 2024, but it is not public.

< p>“It seems that it’s better to speak for our actions through our results. We all know what is possible and impossible to make a breakthrough. The 2024 plan is already in place. We don’t say anything about it publicly. ale th give results for 2024 generations,” the minister said at the forum “Ukraine. .jpg” />

Why check on the forum

As it turns out, there will be live speakers present at the conference. Zokrema, Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, Head of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Strategic Industry, SBU and GUR, and other representatives of the military political establishment.

The President of Ukraine will also take part in the conference and Volodymyr Zelensky first lady.

“Rozmova will be honest about our path in the future, our path will be born in 2024,” said the president's riverine officer Sergei Nikiforov on air at the telethon.

Among the topics discussed will be the integration of Ukraine before the EU and NATO, nutritional development of the army, renewal of physical and mental health of the population, support for business.

After the completion of the conference, Zelensky will hold a press conference, where he will provide bags and supplies Contact journalists.

Guess what, on the 19th, the press conference of President Volodymyr Zelensky took place. The meeting of the head of state with representatives of the ZMI was dedicated to the fate and lasted for two years. Over 200 PMI representatives were requested upon entry.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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