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Additional assistance to Ukraine for 60 billion dollars: the Republicans were willing to “past” for Trump

The $60 billion relief bill for Ukraine, which is being considered by the US Senate, is being passed to trim to Veresnya 2025 fate. This could become a “shepherd” for the great President Donald Trump during his re-election.

Republican Senator James Vance wrote about this in his note, informs RBC-Ukraine in a post on Politico .

We believe that the bill with the support of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan could tie Trump’s hands once he becomes the new president of the United States and wants to reduce the amount of money he sees to support ours edges.

This is due to the fact that some of the funds transferred by the bill disappear nine months after the start of the presidential term (20 June 2025). This, in Vance’s opinion, actually fetters Trump from the decision of those in power to spend money on Ukraine.

“This point (of the bill – ed.) will prevent President Trump from pursuing a bad policy, and if he still works, then provide grounds for his impeachment and support his administration. All Republicans guilty to speak out against his friend,” writing Vance.

Help for Ukraine from the United States

It seems that just last year, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to see over 100 billion dollars for national security needs. Of these, the White House is asked to use over 60 billion dollars to finance additional assistance to Ukraine.

The package of 100 billion dollars also includes funds for the protection of cordons. But the Republicans did not support the initiative and are pushing for harsh approaches to migration policy. With whom to vote for additional aid to Ukraine, the stinks were threatened even more at the border.

After this, Democrats and Republicans began to negotiate about a compromise bill. The document had already been formulated, but it was expected to be approved by Congress.

Then the Senate decided to consider assistance to Ukraine in addition to the supply of cordons.

More details about American assistance to Ukraine – in the material and RBC-Ukraine.

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