• 22/07/2024 20:08

After the killing of the pilots. Russia has not attacked the grain corridor for a while now, – Gumenyuk

The Russians have not shelled the Black Sea grain corridors for years. This happened after the Ukrainian military lost three Russian waters over the Black and Azov seas on 24 breasts,

The head of the joint coordination president of the Ukrainian National Defense Forces, Nata, reported about the process La Gumenyuk, RBC-Ukraine informs about the messages on the telethon airwaves.

“Today, over the past few years, we have not actually recorded any similar violence with the launch of ceramic bombs. This is exactly the case, perhaps, the dates will be more precise, we will see in the analysis,” she said river girl OK “Pivden.”

Gumenyuk noted that in the face of aviation, it is not safe for the enemy to reach too far from the Russian shores through the advance risk of being shot down.

“We demonstrated to the enemy that our activity is tactful and aviation in the water area The Black Sea is not safe for anyone, such attempts have been made, but it is necessary to know that the replacement of the sea has been advanced beyond the front,” she added.

The poverty of the Russian pilots

I guess, 22 Breast Ukrainian and the peasants were able to earn money for the loot three Russian Su-34 bombers near the Kherson region.

Already 24 years ago, the Ukrainian PPO lost another Su-34 and one Su-30 of the Russian occupiers.

Center for Strategic Communications and Information valuable safely declaring that the Ukrainian PPO forces achieved their success by eliminating enemy aircraft from the Bryansk region.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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