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After the war in Ukraine, there may be 4 million veterans and members of their families: the Rada has begun preparations

To the Supreme Committee for the sake of justice, a bill on changes to internal policy in the veterans' sphere . It will touch approximately 4 million people.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with the draft bill being sent to the map.

Deputies indicated that the new version of the law is divided as a method of ambushes of complex internal policy among veterans th sphere.” According to the words of the authors of the bill, the official version does not include universal support for war veterans.

“The final version of the Law of Ukraine “On the ambushes of domestic and foreign policy” does not take place against the main ambushes of the domestic policy with the full support of war veterans, members of their families, members of the families of dead (deceased) war veterans, family members of dead (deceased) Zahisniks and Zahisnitsa of Ukraine, members families of individuals who have fallen into oblivion due to the violent conflict, military operations, the immediate occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine, members of families of individuals who are staying with the population, and the injured participants of the Re “volition of Gidnost”, – it is written in the card of the bill.

In the new version of the law, deputies advocate:

  • creation of an effective system for the transition from military service to civilian life;
  • increasing the memory of war veterans, Zahisniks and Zahisnitsa of Ukraine and victims participants Revolutions of Gidnost;
  • conveyance of material and intangible cultural destruction about the Ukrainian military victories and Ukrainian military valor, expanded information about the objects of such destruction I am aware of them both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • translation of war veterans, the Zahisniks and Zahisnitsa of Ukraine and the suffering participants of the Revolution of Freedom to national-patriotic formation;
  • creation of minds for the formation of a program of reintegration with the communities of veterans wars, destruction and destruction of Ukraine;
  • creation of new vectors of social protection of war veterans.

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