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Already the seventh billionaire has seen the enormity of the Russian Federation after the outbreak of a full-scale war

Businessman Vasil Anisimov, who is under sanctions, having seen himself growing up Yiysk community. He became a seventh billionaire, who started the beginning of a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via Forbes.

About the documents that Anisimov gave to the editor ї Forbes , from the Russian community in the spring of 2022.

A businessman who lives in Switzerland is deprived of the citizenship of Dominica and Croatia. The first wine, which was lost in the mid-1990s, cost about 60 thousand dollars.

The billionaire took away his Croatian passport in 2003. For whom we invested about 11 million dollars in the smoothness of the edge. With this money, for the record, a sports base was built on the island of Korcula, where before the war Russian artistic gymnasts trained in Ukraine.

In this case, Anisimov continues to lead Russia, hoping for travel visa – the request is issued by the company ” Velike Domodedovo”.

The businessman insists that he does not own any assets in Russia. As soon as this huge company Coalco and “Velike Domodedovo”, then, in his words, he transferred it under the management of managers.

What you know about Vasil Anisimov

Vasil Anisimov is the founder of the company “Trustconsult” and development company Coalco International. Forbes estimates his income at one billion 600 million dollars.

According to the data, for a pittance, a lot of money was withdrawn from the sale of a part of the Mikhailovsky State Land Plant to Alisher Usmanov and other assets. Anisimov has been doing business in Kazakhstan and Africa, and in 2022 he became involved in unruly affairs in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, Anisimov has disliked the Russian Judo Federation since 2010. In 2022, the 2022 generation “behind family settings” is on the way out.

Billionaires are seen from the vastness of the Russian Federation

Previously, from the Russian vastness, six more businessmen were seen, close by:

  • principal and main ruler Freedom holding Timur Turlov (USD 2.4 billion);
  • founder of the investment company Troika Dialog Ruben Vardanyan (USD 1.3 billion);
  • founder of the investment company DST Global Yuri Milner (7.3 billion dollars);
  • revolut founder Mikola Storonsky (7.1 billion dollars);
  • founder of the Areti energy company Igor Makarov (2.2 billion dollars) ;
  • Tinkoff Group founder Oleg Tinkov (0.86 billion dollars – this estimate was made after the sale of Tinkoff Bank).

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