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Ammunition, grain and open negotiations. Zelensky appealed to the leaders at the EU summit

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the EU leaders and called for more help from typical defense and ammunition , as well as to welcome Ukraine’s progress towards European integration.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on The Guardian.

“Russia’s war is not only against Ukraine, but against all of us, against your lands, against all of Europe and the European way of life,” said the president.

Anti-Virus defense

Zelensky noted that all anti-anti-anti-anti-aircraft defense, as ordered by Ukraine, protects the European countries, saves the life of Ukrainian towns and villages.

“Although the obvious anti-anti-anti-anti-aircraft defense systems are not enough to protect our entire territory under Russian terrorism. not about hundreds of systems, but about as many as possible – in order to seize the entire territory of Ukraine. You all know what time you need to earn,” added the leader of the state.


The President thanked for the creation of the Ukraine Assistance Fund in the amount of 5 billion euros and for supporting the initiative of the Czech Republic to purchase shells for Ukrainian soldiers.

“This will help you.” Unfortunately, the use of artillery at the front by our soldiers is humiliating for Europe is in the sense that Europe can give more. And it is very important to convey this at once,” he said.

Nutrition for defense production

“I am confident that we can all expect that our Europe will require adequate defense self-sufficiency. This can only be achieved without the increased production of armor and ammunition on the continent. “It’s possible to earn money and finish the Shvidko,” Zelensky said.

Vin said that it is important for them not to waste the hour necessary to activate defense production.

Trade policy

The President noted that Ukraine cannot come to terms with the fact that the pressure on the edge for Russian terrorism is well in trade food stores.

“I am indebted to everyone in Europe who also respects this pressure as unpleasant. The contagion of food for trade is the continuation of the regime of liberalization of trade with the EU – it is not just the supply of new goods, it is the supply of real estate “to resist Russian aggression,” he said.

Import of Russian agricultural products

The Ukrainian leader also criticized the import of Russian agricultural products.

“At the same time, it is a pity that Russia’s access to the European agricultural market is still unregulated. And if Ukrainian grain is thrown onto roads and polluted tracks, Russian products are still transported to Europe, and so “except goods from Putin-controlled Belarus. This is unfair.” , – Zelensky said.

Negotiations about Ukraine's accession to the EU

Green support that Ukraine is completing its part of the demand for internal transformation.

“We know that the EU does not have a framework for negotiations iv “, ready for your viewing. This praise could properly encourage our people and send the right signal to all of Europe after the elections to the European Parliament in the middle,” he said.

Frozen Russian assets

The President said that progress is needed in a fair recovery of Russia's frozen assets.

“The aggressor is guilty of paying the full price for the war – this is true in both the letter and the spirit of the law,” he said.

EU Samit

I guess, on 21-22 it will be necessary to pass the EU Samit with the participation of the leaders of the regional bloc. The head of Euroradia, Charles Michel, requested that the European Union may switch to a military economy mode due to possible future threats from the side of the Russian Federation.

Vin said that the bloc is colliding with the greatest threat to security from the hours of Another World War. Therefore, the time has come to implement radical and concrete measures so that we are ready to defend ourselves, and put the EU economy on the “national rails.”

At which European leaders have repeatedly stated the threat of an attack by Russia. Zokrema, Polish President Andrzej Duda allowed an attack by the aggressor country in 2026.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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