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Anti-Maidan participant will be fired from the Defense Ministry Procurement Agency

Dmitry Voloshenkov, who had a pro-Russian position during the Revolution of Dignity, began working in the department in June 2023.

Dmitry Voloshenkov

on her Facebook page announced her intention to fire manager for foreign economic activity Dmitry Voloshenkov.

The message appeared against the backdrop of information spread online that Voloshenkov was an active participant in the Anti-Maidan in Odessa, had a pro-Russian position and headed the city branch of the Party of Regions.

According to Ms. Bezrukova, ex-regional joined the Agency in June 2023, long before his appointment as chairman. It is not clear why previous political experience and convictions were not taken into account among the candidates for the position when electing Voloshenkov. It was impossible to hide them, because Agency employees undergo polygraph tests.

The chairman of the department initiated an internal audit and also filed an appeal to law enforcement agencies.

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