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Artillery shelling of the Nikolaev region, drones in the Chernigov region: like the last day

Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Donetsk, Sumy regions were also attacked.

Artillery shelling of the Nikolaev region, drones in the Chernigov region: like the last day

The Russians carried out five attacks (27 explosions). The enemy fired mortars at the Novgorod-Seversky and Koryukovsky districts, recorded using an FPV drone. There were no reports of local casualties or damage to civilian infrastructure. The data is being clarified, the statement from the OVA says as of this morning.

In Donetskeight settlements are under fire from the Russians: Novogrodovka, Pokrovsk, Avdeevka, Zarechnoye, Grodovka, Severnoe, Netailovo, Maksimilianovka. Three residential buildings (one of them an apartment building), a garage, an outbuilding, a civilian vehicle, a State Emergency Service building, a factory building, and a State Emergency Service vehicle were damaged. One person was wounded.

In DnepropetrovskYesterday afternoon the aggressor terrorized the Nikopol region. More than 30 broken private houses, nine outbuildings, mutilated gas pipelines and power lines. the invaders fired heavy artillery. They were targeting with kamikaze drones. In total, the area experienced five attacks during the day. Nikopol and the World Society were under attack. People survived. Air defense operated in the Krivoy Rog region. The defenders destroyed the enemy missile. At night – again the terror of Nikopol. The city was hit several times with artillery fire. No casualties. After yesterday's overload of power networks, Krivoy Rog and the communities of the region began to heal. Already at midnight the light was returned to every house.

In Nikolaevskayayesterday, artillery shelling and the activity of enemy FPV drones were recorded in the settlements of the Kutsurub community. A private house was damaged by enemy artillery in Dmitritsa. Also during the day, the enemy launched artillery attacks on the waters of the Ochakov community. Yesterday Ochakov came under fire from enemy artillery. No casualties.

In Lugansk the enemy resumed hostilities near Belogorovka and in Serebryansky Forest, where they repelled several enemy attacks. During the day, the enemy carried out 143 attacks (563 shells).

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In KharkovskayaAbout 17 settlements were subjected to enemy artillery and mortar shelling, in particular: Cossack Lopan, Ogurtsovo, Malaya Volchya, Peschanoye, Sinkovka, Ivanovka, Kislovka, Kotlyarovka. Budarki, Kolodezno, Grigorovka, Kupyansk, Ivanovka, Kislovka, Tabaevka, Peschanoye were subjected to airstrikes by the occupiers. During the enemy shelling of Okhrimovka, hangars, agricultural equipment, and warehouses were damaged. There were no casualties. Also yesterday there was enemy shelling of Grigorovka. Two private households were damaged. The type of weapons is established, preliminary – two “arrivals” of the CAB. A 26-year-old civilian man was wounded and taken to the hospital.

In ZaporozhskayaThe invaders hit 22 settlements in the region, 104 attacks were recorded. There were 80 artillery shellings on the territory of Orekhov, Zheleznodorozhny, Novoandreevka, Olgovsky, Belogorye, Shcherbakov, Poltavka, Robotinoy, Stepnogorsk, Kamensky and other front-line cities and villages. The Russians carried out an air strike on Novodarovka, fired at Verkhnyaya Tersa with multiple launch rocket systems, and also attacked Gulyaypole, Novodanilovka, Volozhnoye, Malinovka, Malaya Tokmachka, Levadnoye and Lobkovoe with 22 drones. There were six reports of destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure. No casualties.

In Sumskaya at night, the Russians shelled the Seredino-Buda community – four mortar explosions. Preliminary – no consequences. Yesterday during the day, the Russians carried out 16 attacks on border areas and settlements in the region. 76 explosions from mortars, artillery, grenade launchers and UAV (FPV drone) attacks were recorded. The Yunakovskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Belopolskaya, Velikopisarevskaya, and Esmanskaya communities suffered shelling. Without consequences.

In Kherson the enemy carried out 37 shellings (92 shells) in the region during the day, of which five artillery shellings (13 shells) hit Kherson. Rashists entered the districts of 17 settlements in the region. The enemy launched an air strike on the settlement of Krasny Mayak (four airborne attack stations) and Zmievka (two airborne attack stations). Damage information is being established. No casualties.


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