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At protests in Poland, pro-Russian extinguishers were again marked, – ZMI

Pro-Russian extinguishers were marked again at protests near Poland. The organizers are singing that they are not accounted for.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the radio station RMF24.

Today, before the protestors at Zosinya, the Minister of the Rural State, Cheslav Toporsky, arrived Minister's Protector Stefan Kraevsky. On their sustria there were marked pro-Russian extinguishers.

“The boys are coming – I don’t know what kind of organization that wants to mischief the rural splendor of the Slovak Republic. It’s not among us. But it’s coming I want and want to show up. Today's and all kinds of national deviations , and those who stink,” said Wiesław at RMF FM. Green from the “Fooled Village.”

The organizers of the protest called for the visit of the Minister of the Agricultural State, taking place in a calm situation, shouting Veslav Green.

“We watched over it so that the eggs did not fly .As you are the ruler, you are responsible for the guests at your booth.We marveled at the police together, so that order was in order, – singing the wine.

Pro-Russian gassals in Poland

At the protest of Polish farmers, 20 fierce lights were marked , as he calls Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin “to restore order in Ukraine and Brussels.” The former ensign of the USSR was ordered from the poster.

Later, the farmer was declared a suspect. em>Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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