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Attacks on refineries prompted the Kremlin to introduce a fence on gasoline exports, British intelligence

Ukraine’s attacks on Russian oil refineries significantly shortened Moscow’s opportunities. Therefore, a ban on the export of gasoline was introduced.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a message to the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter (X).

It is reported that Russia has introduced a six-month ban on exports gasoline, in order to stabilize prices on the domestic market in the minds of growing drinks. Decree to the order of the Russian Federation No. 243 dated February 29, 2024 renews the export embargo, which was in effect from the 21st of Spring until the 17th of November 2023.

“Importantly, Russian oil refineries are working hard at the same time or through numerous attacks by Ukrainian unmanned lethal vehicles on oil refineries throughout Russia,” says the source.

As intelligence is important, the embargo is to change the pressure on the postmasters and allow Russia to repair the factories. Prote repairs are more important than before, however, the remaining sanctions will be transferred to the import of certain necessary components.

“The government of Russia will be especially sensitive to the increase in prices for gasoline and other consumer goods ahead of the presidential elections in Russia 15-17 Bereznya”, – add intelligence.

Attacks on oil refineries in Russia

Varto notes that attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian oil refineries are becoming more and more systematic. Thus, recently a drone attacked one of the largest oil refineries in Yaroslavl.

RBC-Ukraine also reported that SBU drones hit an oil refinery near Tuapse, resulting in a heavy fire.

Crimea that , SBU drones were flown through the Ust-Luga Oil naphtha terminal. There they process firewood, yak, zakrema, and for the military of the Russian Federation.

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