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“Available faces.” Ukrainians can withdraw drugs for the treatment of mental disorders and epilepsy

With the help of the “Available Medicines” program, Ukrainians can obtain medications for treatment of disorders for free and in the psyche epilepsy.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

This is due to the need to update the register of medicinal products and medical viruses, such as and extend repayments. They are often published or paid by the National Health Service of Ukraine.

How to remove “available drugs”

In the reimbursation program, 65 drugs were transferred, which are indicated for mental and behavioral disorders. You can select these other faces that are included in the “Available Faces” program, free of charge or with a partial surcharge, as soon as possible:

  • In cases of mental disorders, it can turn into a family or special person a doctor or a psychiatrist, and for epilepsy – a neurologist or a psychiatrist.
  • The doctor creates a treatment plan in the Electronic Health System (ESHS) and on this basis writes the first prescription.
  • For the latest prescriptions, you can turn to primary care doctors: a family doctor, a therapist or a pediatrician. The doctor will write a prescription based on the treatment plan provided by the specialist doctor.
  • For the prescription, go to a pharmacy that has an agreement with the NHS for the reimbursement program.

How to find a pharmacy

You can find out the nearest pharmacy that dispenses medicines and medications under the reimbursement program:

  • by calling the NSZU contact center 16-77;
  • by using the additional dashboard on the website of the National Health Service.

To go to the page “Changing the place to receive medications for a prescription”, in the left-hand menu, select the area or your population point and directly required by the reimbursement program.

What else services are cost-free for Ukrainians – read the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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