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Avdiivka on the map of combat operations: what is happening on the front today

The Ukrainian military has completed its withdrawal from the town of Avdiivka. Today we can talk about the stabilization of the situation on the Avdiivtsi direct.

What is happening on the front in Avdiivtsi today, as the map of military operations looks like, – in the material of RBC-Ukra ina.

During the preparation of the material, tributes to the Deepstate service and statements of the Third Assault Brigade and river officer of the OSV “Tavriya” Dmitry Likhovy in the telethon broadcast, as well as tributes to the General Staff of the ZSU were reviewed.

What the map of today's battles looks like

On the map of the Deepstate service you can see that Avdiivka is under the control of Russian occupiers, as well as additional territories. Yesterday, the Third Assault Brigade reported that its troops had succeeded in strengthening the front line in the area.

What do you know about the situation on the Avdiivsky direct

As the riverman of the OSUV “Tavriya” heard on air during the telethon, after the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from Avdiivka, the situation gradually stabilized.

“And take care to respect , that the situation in Avdiivskyi has been stabilized with great peace. With the expenditure, the enemy is simply trying to lick his wounds. This can be seen in the fact that until 18:00 today, directly, our defenders defeated 3 attacks of the enemy. They have little strength in the past days,” he said.

Ale, having given Likhoviya, once the situation on the ground has stabilized, the enemy will continue to launch air, artillery and mortar strikes in the area of ​​Avdiivka.

“Ale on Avdiivskyi direct “Today it’s calmer, lower on other sections of the front,” – by adding a vin.

The situation on other front lines

According to the evening alert to the General Staff of the ZSU, 56 combat battles were completed at the front. The enemy was destroyed by launching 3 missile and 33 air strikes, firing 64 shots from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of our military and populated areas.

The Russians were planning to attack Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdievsky, Mar'insky, Zaporizk and Kherson directly..

In addition, today's news became aware of yesterday's attempt by the Russians to launch a large-scale offensive in the Zaporizhzhya region. Russian efforts were crushed by Ukrainian forces.

18 pieces of equipment (including 3 tanks) were destroyed, about 70 Russians were injured, and 80 were injured. After the attack, the Russians took the leading position.

Withdrawal of the ZSU from Avdiivka

On the night of Saturday, February 17, the head commander of the ZSU, Oleksandr Sirsky, announced his decision to begin the withdrawal of the Defense Forces from the town of Avdiivka. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich conference confidently called such a decision correct and professional, as it allows him to save the life of a special warehouse.

Then the Ukrainian president recently said that reliability is in favor Avdiivka’s downfall lies on the coming partners who are destroying Ukraine There is a shortage of individual artillery shells.

According to the commander of the Tavria OSV, Oleksandr Tarnavsky, during the months of fighting for Avdiivka, the Russian armies lost 47 thousand soldiers. Also, the Ukrainian military acquired hundreds of tanks, artillery installations and armored vehicles.

More about the exit of the ZSU from Avdiivka and those who can join the front, read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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