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Banks have increased the number of mortgage loans increased: what was the reason

can of Ukrainian 2024 Vidali 676 what credit for the tan is 1.1 billion UAH . The figure for the same period last year exceeds the figure for the same period last year.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a communication to the NBU press service.

“The collapse of the mortgage segment is depriving the benefit of inter-bank lending ah programs “Oselya” (maybe all loans have been issued for the rest of the year within this program),” it will be reported.

These banks were informed about the issuance of a new mortgage in the country, which was lending to the home. Most of the goods, as before, were placed on the secondary market for non-destructiveness.

According to NBU data, the average effective rate for mortgage loans in the third month after the third month fell by the same level as 7.6% of the market.

Regionally, the largest number of mortgage loans in the country was seen in the city of Kiev and the Kiev region – 300 agreements for the legal sum 555 million UAH (50% of the legal obligation), Odessa (49 contracts for 71.6 million UAH), Lviv (32 for 59.4 million UAH) and Vinnitsa (32 for 53.6 million UAH) regions.

Yoselya program

It seems that Ukrainian banks, after the start of the war, significantly reduced the issuance of mortgage loans to the population. At the same time, the financier has established lending to the public for their government programs, if for the payment of taxes the government compensates them for part of the hundred-cent rate.

Since September 1, 2023, the government’s program has expanded. Loans at 7% can be taken out by Ukrainians who do not have a life of wealth, veterans and internally displaced persons.

Participation in EOSEL for military servicemen, security forces, doctors, teachers and scientists at whom will be deprived of the unchangeable. They can cancel their mortgage at 3% of the market.

5 partner banks take part in the program: Oschadbank, Privatbank, Ukrgasbank, Globus Bank, Sky Bank, Ukreximbank and Sense Bank.

In the beginning of 2024, following the ДOselya program, Ukrainians took out loans for the purchase of 1,800 apartments and 21 private cabins in the amount of 3 billion UAH. Since the beginning of this program, loans have already taken out 8,160 homelands for 12.5 billion UAH.

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