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Bayraktar UAVs are used for other purposes in war, – Ambassador to Turkey

The use of drones for their intended purpose to strike hostile targets is inappropriate.


Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar said that the use of Bayraktar drones for their intended purpose, striking enemy forces, is still ineffective.

“Now, since the front line is more or less stable, and the air defense system (RF – Ed .) is deeply echeloned, using Bayraktar for its intended purpose to strike enemy forces is inappropriate, since they, like any aircraft, are quite vulnerable to air defense. Therefore, they are used for completely different purposes,” Bodnar said during an online briefing at the Media Center , reports Public. UAV.

The ambassador noted that this is a complementary interaction in the defense-industrial complex.

“Of course, the construction of the Bayraktar plant in Ukraine and the production of these drones with the stamp “Made in Ukraine” are not off the agenda,” he emphasized.

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