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Biden plans to give Israel $1 billion in armor and ammunition, – AP

The administration of US President Joe Biden told key lawmakers in Congress what it is doing to Israel I like the new package ammunition worth over 1 billion dollars.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to AP.

There has not yet been an official announcement about the transfer of the armored weapon; congress aides informed the agency about it on minds of anonymity.

In their own words, the package includes approximately 700 million dollars for tank ammunition, 500 million dollars for tactical vehicles and 60 million dollars for mortar shells.

If sent zbroyu , still unknown.

First delivery after bomb embargo

This will be the first delivery of armor to Israel after the Biden administration slowed the transfer of 3,500 bombs at the beginning of the month. This decision was made in order to stop Israel from bombing its attack on the Rafah site on the outskirts of Gazi.

Reuters 10 reported that after stopping one batch of bombs from Israel, Will we continue to eliminate other types of American armor? on billions of dollars.

Operation against Israel in Rafah

Yesterday, May 14, it was reported that Israeli tanks had broken through the highway to Rafah. As a result, the main point of crossing the cordon for providing humanitarian aid was closed, which devastated the already important situation in the area.

Israel also carried out airstrikes and ground bombing of similar areas This is why people died in one of the budinki near the block Brazil.

The same battles are going on in the Gaza Strip.

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