• 22/07/2024 06:17

Biden revealed what would have helped the United States to seize Ukraine from “the butcher Putin”

US President Joe Biden was about to speak at the polls in the state of Pivnichna Carolina, calling President R F Putin as a “butcher” and stating that the Acquired States could protect Ukraine, as if they considered the possibility of increasing taxes for billionaires.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the official website of Bi. house logo.

US President Joe Biden in New Carolina has announced an initiative to increase the income tax for individuals with high incomes from 8.2% to 25%. In his words, you can save up to 400 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

“Find out what we could earn from this. We could completely reduce the federal budget deficit. We could earn so much. In addition, they will decide to seize Ukraine from the butcher Putin,” added the official of the republic.

Guess what, US President Joe Biden called Putin a “butcher.” So, at the hour of visiting Ukrainian refugees near Warsaw, asking reporters that they were tired of thinking about refugees when Putin meets every day, Biden said: “Vin the butcher.”

Krim that Biden has now extended sanctions against the Russian Federation for its responsibility for cyberattacks. “The intense unsustainable activity in cyberspace continues to pose an imminent and extraordinary threat to national security, foreign policy and the economies of the United States,” the Biden administration said.

Before the word, Joe Biden signed the bill on funding for the 1st .2 trillion dollars. He called on the House of Representatives to unblock the draft law to benefit Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

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