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Biden signed an agreement to help Ukraine, and in the Russian Federation there were vibrations at oil depots: news for 24 weeks

US President Joe Biden signed a bill that transfers funds to help Ukraine. Nowadays, Russia was under attack on a handful of oil depots.

More details about what happened on Wednesday, the 24th of April, in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Biden signed the bill on assistance to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed a bill that transfers funds to help Ukraine. In this way, the United States will be able to provide Ukraine with a new package of military aid.

Minus thousands of cubic meters of fire. Two petroleum depots were attacked in the Smolensk region, – Dzherela

Drones of the Ukrainian Security Service attacked two petroleum depots in the Smolensk region of Russia on the night of the 24th quarter, RBC-Ukraine Dzherela reported.

Saved in these databases 26 thousand cubic meters of Russian fire.

There is an accident in Kiev: there is a power outage in one of the districts

In the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev there is a frequent power outage. The reason for this is an accident.

DTEK also stated that without electricity, part of the Buchansky district of the Kiev region was lost.

Britain will transfer Paveway IV aircraft bombs to Ukraine , – journalist

Great Britain found Paveway IV bombs in Ukraine as part of the military aid package, wrote BBC journalist Jonathan Beale.

The Paveway IV bomb is equipped with 230 kg of ammunition, equipped with two guidance systems: GPS and laser. It is being developed by the British company Raytheon UK and the remaining version of the Paveway series.

The European Commission has seen another tranche to Ukraine for 1.5 billion euros

European Commission Iya Ukraine saw another part of the financing within the framework of the mechanism for Ukraine amounting to 1.5 billion euros.

“An additional 1.5 billion euros, as we see today, will ensure Ukraine’s ability to continue to maintain sovereign power and provide basic services to the population in the face of the aggressor,” said the head of the European Union sії Ursula von der Leyen.

< p style="text-align: center;">Zaporizhzhya changed the head of the place: who is the regional center

Deputies of Zaporizhzhya elected a new one. O. Mіskogo head of the regional center. We will take care of Regina Kharchenko.

The United States has voted on a new package of assistance to Ukraine: what do we have?

US President Joe Biden has voted on a new package of military assistance Ukraine. Its size will be 1 billion dollars.

Zokrem, the package has increased long-range ATACMS missiles.

Ukrainian people from 18 to 60 years old will not be able to take away passports behind the border

Ukrainian people from 18 to 60 years of age will no longer be able to revoke their passport abroad while staying behind the border. The Cabinet confirmed its praise.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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