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Biden voiced new terms for a truce in the Gaza Strip

President Joe Biden expressed confidence that the negotiators will ensure a temporary pause in the fighting between Israel and Hamas near the Gaza Strip. He called the negotiations “close” and added that the fire could break out as soon as this coming Monday.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Bloomberg.

“My national security adviser is already “I know that the stinks (conversations – ed.) are close, the stinks are close, the stinks are not over yet. I am confident that by this coming Monday (4th of February – ed.) we will be filled with fire,” Biden said on Monday in New York. York.

The statement from the head of the White House came a day before the Democratic Party primaries in Michigan, a key state that is likely to switch to a different term in the election in the fall of the doom. Although he has no serious competitors for the nomination, critics of his Israeli politics will want voters to put the “not supported” option on the ballot, in order to punish him for this position.

Through his position to war between Israel and Hamas, Biden stuck with a negative reaction from Muslim and Arab Americans, as well as some young voters and progressives.

Peace talks between Israel and Hamas

In response to the fierce Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, he stated that the army’s victory for Israel is already close. He also announced the IDF's readiness to launch a ground invasion to the Rafah site near the border with Egypt on the day of the Gaza Strip.

However, the United States will press on Netanyahu in order to imply the offensive stage of the military operation, and will not provide detailed plans for the protection of the civilian population. According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, more than 29 thousand people died as a result of the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

While Biden wanted to support Israel's right to self-defense, he also called on his order to earn more, so to avoid the death of the civilian population .

The remaining negotiations on the ignition of the fire failed two years ago, when Netanyahu threw out a proposal to Hamas about a ceasefire in 4 and a half months, as soon as the withdrawal of the Israeli troops would be completed.

< p>US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on the 25th of June that representatives of Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar, during their meeting in Paris, discussed “broad contours” in order to secure the release of guarantors in exchange for temporarily pripenennya fire.

Israel has threatened to attack Rafah because Hamas does not release guarantors before the start of Ramadan (10th Birth).

Egypt threatens to suspend a key peace treaty with Israel if the country’s army leaves to Rafahu.

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