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Biden's nutritionist for national security needs to advance, – Reuters

US President Joe Biden's chief spokesman for national security, John Kirby, is on his way to promotion. You will become an aide to the president and a guardian of the White House for the sake of national security.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Reuters.

Kirby, who previously took over the riverine plantings of the Pentagon and the State Department, takes away a new title – Guardian of the White House for National Security.

According to an anonymous agency official, he will also be promoted from the position of intercessor to the status of assistant to the president. Responsible for coordinating national security communications across multiple departments.

Kirby was one of President Biden's most prominent White House officials, often holding briefings simultaneously from the press. -Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of the Higher Nutrition of the National security, especially after the Hamas attack on Israel on the 7th and the subsequent Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

His appearance in the briefing room was alarming, the official said.

US Navy Admiral at the Department John Kirby, who served as National Security Coordinator for Strategic Communications since moving from the Pentagon in 2022.

The new structure will hire a small staff of military personnel to help keep it in sync. notification of the administration of the national security supply for an additional squandered work.

Activity of John Kirby

Days of Kirby calling “simply unnecessary” the interview of the scandalous American media personality Tucker Carlson with the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin.

After the introduction of Valery Zaluzh Nogo, put the commander in chief ZSU, Kirby, declaring that the White House is working with someone who is disobedient to the Ukrainian army.

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