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Blinken promised a successful Ukraine and said that he was waiting for the Russian Federation to be ready for negotiations

The US Secretary of State made many statements about the Ukrainian-Russian war in Saudi Arabia.


USA Antony Blinken attended a meeting of foreign ministers European and Arab countries in Riyadh, where he made statements about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Secretary of State, quoted by Voice of America, “it was possible to unite many countries recognizing that the aggression was not just directed against Ukraine, but also against the fundamental principles of the world system, and this cannot go unpunished, because we will have a world where there will be more conflicts.”

Blinken also believes that “Putin’s plans for Ukraine are erasing it from the map, including it in Russia so that it no longer exists – they failed.” “There is a plan that will allow Ukraine to succeed over time, to be strong militarily, democratically and economically,” the US official said.

Russia, according to the Secretary of State, is now “weaker economically, weaker militarily ” Given the destruction of its forces, it is weaker diplomatically in most countries of the world.

With this in mind, Blinken hopes that “Putin will demonstrate a willingness to negotiate sincerely, then there must be a solution.” Ukrainians will be there too.”

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