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Blinken spoke about the investigation of military crimes in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that Washington is taking a new approach to the investigation global violation of human rights and military evils in different countries. Given the military conflict between the powers, this situation is not the same.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a letter sent to the US Department of Defense.

An American official briefing Washington, according to the magazine. Istiv hundred reports to the State Department about strengthening people's rights in 2023.

At the end, ZMI representatives disrupted the food supply of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, as well as the operation of the Israeli army against the terrorist Hamas's destruction in the Gaza Strip. One of the journalists told Blinken that the US has “equivalent standards” and thoroughly analyzes data on possible crimes by different parties.

“What are our new standards? The answer is no. As is clearly stated in this article, if we consider human rights and human rights in this whole world, we stoic that same standard to all, and not change є of whom є “The country is given by an enemy, a competitor, a friend or an ally. And this is extremely important,” said the US Secretary of State.

Blinken also added that “in the coming days” there will be updates on the situation in Gazi, the operation is alarming. IDF.

“Before Gazi itself, a bunch of speeches. First of all, from the first day we will do everything possible to enforce the protection of civilians, as well as to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the residents of Gazi, as they require. in incidents, whether violation of international humanitarian law, violation of rights, which is inevitable, we have processes in the department that look at incidents that have been violated.Blinken also expressed respect for the importance of “doing everything possible to remove facts, to remove information, to conduct analysis,” and said that “it is very difficult to do this in real time.”

The US Secretary of State also emphasized that “the skin situation , the skin edge is cut.”

“For example, in the fall of Ukraine, we created songs for a completely different situation than in Gazi. The Ukrainians themselves, in the first place, were not a legitimate target, as, of course, Hamas was in Gazi. did not associate with civilians at the same time , hovering in living quarters and below them, mosques, hospitals, which is a good thing. In addition, in the conflict with Ukraine, if the Russian forces, for example, left Buchi, we were able to gain, the world would change even more. So let’s see what happened and we were able to reject the evidence,” Blinken said.

He added that the United States, in the context of an investigation into violations of human rights, is responsible for “doing everything we can to gather the facts and follow the facts, and we will do our best.”

“We will make power decisions, and, of course, there may be other bodies that will interfere with the same, but we will make power decisions. But it is important for Israel to demonstrate It’s great to be amazed at yourself. “These are the things that undermine democracies in other countries – the originality, the courage, the determination to admire oneself,” said the American official.

Blinken also added that as much as we understand, On the other hand, there are a lot of critical investigations based on reports that made statements about the violation of human rights or the violation of international humanitarian law, the laws of war, etc. “

“First of all, I respect, what is most important, that no matter how our democracy may change, we are committed to maintaining the standards that we expect from others. I respect that Israel is engaged in this on the basis Information about opening investigation, as I have already said, if we pay respect to the incidents, we see them, especially as it is true that in these incidents the US government was victorious,” said the US Secretary of State. >

Guess what, before this, The New York Times wrote about the fact that the United States is considering the possibility of introducing sanctions against one or more battalions of the Israeli army, involved in the violation of human rights during the operation on Zakhidny Ber Yesi rivers Jordan.

Dodamo , 22nd quarter, the U.S. Department of State issued a sharp report, which, in short, states the deterioration of the situation with human rights due to the war in the Gaza Strip.

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