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Blinken urged Israel not to harm the civilian population in the Gaza Strip

Izravil is guilty linen settlement in sector gas.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated this in an hour of contact with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, informing RBC-Ukraine of a message to the US Department of State.

It appears that the secretary confirmed the US support Israel's rights not to allow a repeat terrorist attacks on the 7th century and reinforced the importance of preventing further harm to the civilian population and the protection of civil infrastructure in Gaza.

At the hour of the press conference on Tuesday, 9 September, Blinken is back and about the “too great” victims of the middle class Gazi citizens, especially among children.

He also called on Israel to support the efforts of the UN from the renewal of the sector and the new coordinator of humanitarian aid in Gazi, Sigrid Kaag: “There is renewed support from the side of America, and there is also support from the side of Israel,” reports The Times of Israel.

Blinken and Netanyahu discussed “the focus of efforts aimed at the release of all guarantors who have been lost, and the importance of increasing the commitment of humanitarian assistance to reach the civilian population in Gaza.”

Israel to strengthen military operations

Recently, Defense Minister Yoav Galant spoke with Blinken and said that Israel would intensify its operations in the Khan Yunis area of ​​Gazi, until the Hamas leaders were found and would not be released. Israeli guarantors.

The official of the Ministry of Defense informed Israel Blinken about the developments in the war and the “changes in the tactics of combat operations” on the night of Gazi, and the military changed the intensity of combat operations after they relinquished operational control over the territory.

The Minister of Defense also asked Blinken to enforce the pressure to Iran, in order to avoid escalation in other theaters of military operations.

In his words, Israel's main priority is to return residents to the foreign lands where the battle against Hezbollah has intensified, which raises the fear of a widespread fire.

Currently, the far-right minister of the nation other security for Israel, Itamar Ben Gvir was more openly opposed the grip of the United States, having turned against its own English language to Blinken, declaring: “Now is not the time to talk softly to Hamas, the time has come to lay down the great club.”

Visit of the US Secretary of State to the Close Meeting

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken departed on 4 September for a seven-day visit to the Close Gathering for negotiations with regional leaders. During the hour of travel, we reach Israel, the Western Coast, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as Turkey and Greece.

This is the fourth visit of the chief of American diplomacy from 7 June 2023 to the beginning of the war between Israel and the Palestinian Authority Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

On the hour of his visit to Qatar on 7 September, Blinken said that everything can be done to prevent the expansion of the military conflict in the Gaza Strip throughout the region. whom right away.

At this time, the Israeli army (IDF) will inevitably move to a new stage of the operation to reduce the Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday, 8 pm, the Israeli army announced the leak the release of a Hamas representative in Syria, which responsible for missile attacks on the outer areas of Israel.

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