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Booths were fired, and ritualists were among the victims. What is the legacy of the “Shaheds” pouring into Kharkov

Russian troops massively attacked Kharkiv with “Shaheds” all night. The enemy cynically sent drones through the living quarters, and in one area ordered a second strike when the warriors arrived on the scene. As a result of the attack in the city, there were victims and sufferers, including DSNS workers.

What is known about the “Shaheds” raid on Kharkiv – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine below.

During the hour of preparation of the material, data was collected from: the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov, the mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov, the DSNS, the chief of police of the Kharkiv region Volodymyr Timoshk, the intercessor of the head of the patrol police department U region of Oleksiy Beloshytsky, ZSU Military Forces.

According to the words of the head of the Kharkov OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, today, starting at 01:16, the enemy closed the fire on Kharkov, releasing at least 15 hostile drones, some of them were shot down by the PPO forces. This year, the ZSU Military Forces clarified that the enemy attacked the Kharkiv region with 20 “Shaheds”, of which 11 were destroyed.

In this case, this is also the case. The stench was recorded in the Novobavarsky district, Slobidsky, Saltivsky districts of the city.

The first drone was detected on Tripoverkhivtsi near the Novobavarsky district. When the DSNS police officers arrived to clear the rubble from the three-surface living quarters, the occupiers fired at the place again. As a result, three warriors perished – the stench was the waters of the DSNS. A police officer recognized the serious injuries. The main problem in this area was the involvement of UAVs in civil infrastructure. Residential buildings, shops, trade pavilions, pharmacies, cars, medicine, etc. were damaged.

Another blow fell on the 14-surface. There, apartments from 8 to 12 on top have been damaged. A 68-year-old woman died.

Later, at 02:49 the invaders launched attacks on the Saltivsky district, there were no casualties there.

As a result of the attack in the city, three large surfaces, three units of fire-fighting equipment, two Swedish emergency vehicles, a hospital, and a police administration were damaged.

What is known about the number of victims and the victims

Usyogo as a result of the shelling of two residential buildings, 4 people died ( Among them are three DSNS practitioners). Another 12 people recovered from their injuries. Among the victims is an emergency nurse, who arrived at the scene along with the brigade to provide assistance, as well as a military officer.

It is also clear that among those who suffered was a 67-year-old man, who stumbled under the rubble of a living tripoverkhivtsa. At that very hour, when the military personnel recognized a second strike by drones, the operation itself took place on behalf of whose man, I who was covered with overcrowded slabs on the 3rd version.

Before the operation, which lasted for about three years, about 10 supernumeraries were received. Using hand hydraulic tools and jacks, the man was unblocked and handed over to doctors.

Photo video of heritage

As it was indicated, one of the “Shaheds”, having received a three-top of the life, often collapsed and the top surface began to burn. Budynok showing the city manager Igor Terekhov.

Photo: the legacy of the wedding of “Shahed” in tripoverkhivka in Kharkov (facebook.com/ihor.terekhov)

In addition, as a result of the destruction of the enemy drone in the other 14-surface booth, the balconies of the upper surfaces were often damaged, the slopes and structural elements were damaged. In fact, apartments 8 to 12 are built on top. The photo of the booth was publicized in the Kharkiv OVA and Miskradi.

Photo: legacy of the wedding of “Shahed” on the 14th anniversary in Kharkov (facebook.com/ihor.terekhov, https://www.facebook. com/synegubov.official)

In addition, as a result of the enemy’s attack, the DSNS auto and the “Swedish” who arrived on the scene of the protest were terminated.

Photo: Kharkov has three units of fire-fighting equipment and two Swedish cars (facebook.com/ihor.terekhov, https://www.facebook. com/synegubov.official)

The police also showed the first signs after the attack. The video was expanded by the first deputy head of the Ukrainian Patrol Police Department, Oleksiy Biloshitsky.

“The terrorist country will continue to attack the civilian population due to the persistence of the tactics of “surprise strikes,” said Beloshytsky.

Why didn't you manage to shoot down all the drones?

As a riverman of the Command of the Airborne Forces of the ZSU Illya Yvlash, here at around 01:00 a large group of “Shaheds” was detected. Nearly 10 attack UAVs from the territory of Russia flew into the Kharkiv region and headed straight to the very place. Over the years, another group of “Shaheds” was also recorded from the territory of Mykolayivshchyna, which through a number of regions went straight to the Kharkiv region.

According to his words, the anti-Russian defense was not able to destroy all the drones from the first group through the proximity of Kharkov to the cordons of the Russian Federation.

“It’s a pity, through the close proximity to the cordon with the Russian Federation, the very first group, I was alone with Most of the night, it was not possible to shoot down everything (drones – ed.),” explained Yvlash.

Kharkov was shelled and the situation in the city

It is clear that Kharkov was almost completely left without electricity after the massive Russian attack on the energy system on 22 February. Today Russia released a zagalom across Ukraine for over 150 targets. After this attack, the place experienced serious problems with the supply of water and heat.

In this case, the Russians often resort to attacks on S-300 sites, which are from the Belgorod region, through the vicinity of Ista to cordons from the Russian Federation , and the militia’s shells reach Kharkov. In addition, the occupiers are more often vikorist “Shahedi”.

In addition, on the 27th of February, the occupiers, for the first time in the hour of the war against Ukraine, released high-caliber ceramic ammunition around Kharkov.

Also expanding the sensitivity about the new world “new attack on Kharkov.” Alas, the government will calm down, there is no threat, and everything else is IPSO’s witch.

As for the current situation in the region, as revealed in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, resident Kharkiv skoi OVA Oleg Sinegubov, In the Kharkov region, due to massive strikes on energy facilities, the light switch-off will continue to stagnate. On average, in one village, electricity lasts for 4 years, and in some areas it lasts longer.

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