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Border guards detained a man who tried to escape to Moldova on an air mattress

The man managed to pay the organizers of the escape 2 thousand euros.

Border guards detained a man who tried to escape. Soldiers of the State Border Service of Ukraine (GNSU) detained another a Ukrainian trying to flee abroad.

This was reported by the press service of the State National Service of Ukraine.

“Neither the fast current nor the flood of the Dniester stopped the Ukrainian in his intention to get to the neighboring one. countries by swimming. To prevent border violations and accidents, a border patrol team went to the “fin” in a boat,” border guards reported.

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The flight of a Ukrainian abroad was coordinated using one of the messengers.

The organizers invited 4 thousand euros, half of which they received in advance, for recommendations on the use of a mattress and where to put the phone and a change of clothes.

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