• 23/07/2024 13:13

Border guards detained three fugitives from Ukraine

The fugitives were a few hundred meters short of going abroad.

Border guards detained three fugitives from Ukraine

Fugitives detained by border guards on the border with Romania

Ukrainian border guards detained three men who were trying to walk. The press service of the State Tax Service reported this.

“Having paid the “virtual” organizer €6,000, the violators received instructions from him via mobile phone about the time and direction of movement. However, the attempt was unsuccessful,” the message says.

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Border guards clarified that the fugitives were a few meters short of the border.

Relatively administrative protocols were drawn up for the detainees. The organizer of the “trip” has been identified, and the search for him continues.

  • In Transcarpathia, border guards detained a 22-year-old resident of Krivoy Rog, who was trying to illegally enter Romania from across the mountainous section of the border.
  • Employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine stopped a car, the driver of which was helping a man escape from Ukraine.
  • In Transcarpathia, border guards detained four men trying to swim across the Tisa River towards the border with Romania.


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