• 21/07/2024 09:49

Bradley infantry fighting vehicle neutralizes Russian T-90M Proryv

And the Ukrainian FPV drone finished off the enemy equipment.

Bradley infantry fighting vehicle neutralized the Russian T-90M

Ground forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 9 “Breakthrough”.

“Bradley infantry fighting vehicle against the enemy T-90M Proryv tank in the Stepnoye area in the Avdeevsky direction. American technology won. The crew of the 47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade disabled the system of a Russian tank, whose turret began to spin without stopping. And our glorious company of attack UAVs finished off the vehicle with the help of an FPV drone,” the message says.

A few days ago, Special Operations Forces destroyed the enemy “Tornado-G” and “Msta- C” in the South direction. MTR operators aimed fire at HIMARS.

Also recently, the Defense Forces hit the Russian Bylina electronic warfare system for the first time. Electronic warfare “Bylina” is one of the most modern complexes of the occupiers.


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