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Britain advised Scholz to get out of the dilemma with the Taurus, – ZMI

Great Britain proponated the New World for its long-range winged Taurus missiles, like a troubling hour ask Berlin the Ukrainian side, but without a positive result.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on Handelsblatt.

According to German reports, London plans to give Ukraine additional Storm Shadow missiles.< /p>

The publication suggests that a viable way to resolve the dilemma for Berlin before German Taurus missiles is being discussed with the British side and has been considered for several years now, and was sent out. obvious proposition. About this, strictly speaking, diplomats and officials told journalists.

“For months they have been hovering over the delivery of German winged missiles to Ukraine. Now there is a proposal from the British how they can rescue the Chancellor (German Olaf Scholl tsa, – ed.) due to inconsistencies,” the material says.

Taurus for Ukraine

It seems that Ukraine previously asked Germany for long-range Taurus missiles that could hit targets at a distance of up to 500 kilometers for more minutes ulo rock. Whereupon the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, spoke out against such an idea. Vіn is worried that with the help of such a reform, Ukraine may be subject to missile strikes on the territory of Russia.

Days, the Christian Democratic Union decided to bring the Taurus food transmission to Ukraine to the Bundestag, otherwise the project would not it was refreshed.

It was also previously reported that the German company Taurus Systems GmbH is ready to quickly replenish the stock of long-range missiles that have been delivered to Ukraine.

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