• 23/07/2024 23:55

Britain has turned from trench warfare to fighting in Ukraine

The British Army turned to adopting trench warfare tactics during the major battles in Ukraine . In Britain, they say that the trench war has evolved.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a post on Business Insider.

The news was based on the military, which is the beginning of the Ukrainian military.

“The received Kingdom is now investing in its approach to the evolution of trench warfare. Elements of trench warfare were part of the beginning, but now we again focus on how trench warfare has evolved,” the commander said on preparation and delivery to the place lieutenant colonel Wilson.

Having added that trench warfare has been going on for centuries, from the very beginning it has passed into history, now wanting to once again “at the center of respect, especially to address the threat of drones.”

< p>Wilson said that Britain did not focus on trench technology for the rest of the decade, and in Iraq and Afghanistan its armies fought with another enemy.

Senior British officer David the dream of recognizing that Britain and the partner countries that can help The newly established ZSU, they realized, are pursuing the old doctrine of trench warfare. In connection with this, the attitude of the Ukrainians is changing “maybe in real time.”

Davidson said that Great Britain and its allies “will not deal with the Ukrainians as much as they smell us.”

Britain declared whom command about Ukraine

It seems likely that the Chief of the Defense Staff of Great Britain, Tony Radakin, stated that Ukraine is facing a shortage of ammunition for several months until Zahid sends out further troops sooner.

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