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British court praises Assange's extradition from Britain to the United States

Wikileaks boss Julian Assange will be clearing up the allegations to find out if he can file an appeal drive his extradition to the United States, as a result of which the British High Court praised that he cannot be discreetly found guilty of spying.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via Sky News.

Behind the words two judges of the High Court, new rumors will arise from the grass, that the United States will not give further guarantees of what will happen to him.

American prosecutors confirm that the 52-year-old Assange wanted and assisted with intelligence analysis of the Armed Forces ii USA Chelsea Manning steal diplomatic dispatches and military files published on his website.

However, Assange’s supporters insist that he is a hero, who is being prosecuted for violating the illegal actions of the United States.

In her decision in 2021, the current district judge, Vanessa Baraitser, stated that Assange was not guilty of being sent to the United States, citing the real risk of self-destruction, which was “at risk,” and in which case she made a decision against him. Their other food.

However, later than that, the American government won the High Court, in order to seize the decision, opening the way to his extradition.

At the hour of intense rumors, Assange’s lawyers asked for the opportunity to discredit the court’s decision and, what a breathtaking Other parts of him are in order to prevent his extradition.

Reinvestigation of Assange from the side of the United States

The United States calls Julian Assange for 18 points, concealed in stolen secret information, spying and thinking with evil computer measures. Once accused of viroku, you can face up to 175 years of freedom.

Over a period of seven years – from 2012 to 2019 – the creator of WikiLeaks was transferred to the embassy of Ecuador from Great Britain, which gave him the boot . This gave him the opportunity to extradite to Sweden, where he was called at the meeting.

In April 2019, a British court found the founder of Wikileaks guilty of failing to appear on the court at a meeting in 2012. Vlada Ecuador allowed the British police to enter the embassy and arrest Assange.

Yearly, the High Court of London upheld the US appeal against his extradition. At the end of 2022, the government of Great Britain ordered the deportation of Assange to the United States.

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