• 21/07/2024 22:05

British intelligence named the priority direction for the Russian army at the front

Avdiivka is deprived of the main direct role for Russia at the front. The Russian army is continuing attacks in the snowy part of the city, where street fighting is going on.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a message to the UK Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

As a sign. It’s with the partner, During the remaining two years, Russian troops transferred additional forces to the Avdiivka sector, increasing the pressure on Ukrainian positions around the place. ZSU will continue to carry out counterattacks to ensure that the main supply route is preserved.

According to British intelligence data, tactical aircraft were released close to the Ukrainian positions in Avdiivtsi 600 cerated ammunition. Zokrema, 5 February 2024, Russian aircraft increased the number of strikes with ceramic aircraft ammunition from 30 to 50 per day, which is 66% more than in the last two years.

However, Russia there are plans to launch ammunition from distant locations, reducing their accuracy due to the threat from the side of the Ukrainian PPO, which is being saved, will be kept in mind.

“Russia may, singly, continue the offensive pressure in this area for many years, actively core and tactical aviation to support their forces” , – according to the British Ministry of Defence.

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