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British parliamentarians will check the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia

The House of Commons Finance Committee has launched an investigation into whether the restrictions imposed against the aggressor are sufficient.

House of Commons of the British Parliament

Economic activities will be carried out in the British parliament. Members of the House of Commons Finance Committee announced this on Thursday, reports The Guardian.

Deputies will check the activities of the Financial Sanctions Office, a special body under the Ministry of Finance of the United Kingdom. The main question that the investigation must answer is whether the sanctions regime should be expanded, in particular, to companies that continue to buy oil and gas from Russia.

The parliamentarian is also interested in whether the kingdom has the right to confiscate frozen Russian assets. They will look for a specific legal precedent for this.

Committee Chairman Harriet Baldwin is embarrassed by the fact that two years after the start of a full-scale war, “Russia still has money to throw at war.” “We must make sure we do everything necessary to deal a fatal blow to the Kremlin's war chest,” she concluded in her speech.

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