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Budanov called on the Canadian government to provide Ukraine with decommissioned CRV7 missiles, – Global News

Currently, more than 83 thousand CRV7 ground attack missiles are stored at the Canadian Armed Forces ammunition depot.

for Canadian CRV7 missiles

The Chairman of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov, in an interview with Global News, said that Ukraine has asked Canada to transfer tens of thousands of decommissioned CRV7 missiles awaiting destruction at a military base in Saskatchewan.

This would help Ukraine fight off Russian troops and would save Canadian taxpayers the cost of destroying them, said Kirill Budanov.

“We hope that this will be a winning situation,” he stressed.

Currently, more than 83,000 CRV7 ground attack missiles are stored at the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot in Dundurn, south of Saskatoon. Canada no longer needs them and has chosen a private contractor to destroy them.

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At the same time, Ukraine urgently needs them as supplies of ammunition to the Defense Forces are dwindling.

Kirill Budanov said that the CRV7 will be used both in Ukrainian attack helicopters and in ground launchers to destroy Russian tanks and artillery.

Ukraine has discussed this issue with Canada, but is still awaiting a decision.


Canadian officials said they were considering the request, but warned that CRV7s are already a decade old and could have become unstable, making them dangerous to use and transport.

However, Ukrainian officials say that they were stranded and willing to take risks because they were used to working with old ammunition such as the CRV7.

It is possible that about 8,000 Canadian missiles are in pristine condition, and some are still equipped with warheads . Those missiles that are no longer operational will be stripped of their parts for use in the Ukrainian drone program.

While Canada has used the CRV7 on aircraft such as the CF18, Budanov said Ukraine has ground-based launchers capable of them fire . Thus, rockets will be used as the equivalent of field artillery.

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